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Health Coaching and Education Services - Get Fit With Dr. Sheba

Everyone wants to be successful and live a full and healthy life. Dr. Sheba has expertise in health education, research, public health, academic coaching, writing and editing support as well as supporting and coaching clients to live active and healthy lives. The first step in becoming successful is deciding on what you want to do, and committing yourself to do it. We all have God given talents and skills that are buried within us that need to be fostered and supported. Through individual consultations and consistent support and coaching, Dr. Sheba’s services can assist you in staying active, healthy and fit, as well as help you pursue your academic goals. She is passionate about helping you to become the best version of yourself.


Get fit with Dr. Sheba

Fit 4 Me means, that we all need to discover what WE need to be healthy and work towards our own personal goals. You need a plan and strategy that fits YOU. Your health and fitness journey is very personal. Everyone's body is different. Everyone needs a unique strategy to change their body to reach their goals. It is important that we DO NOT compare ourselves to someone else nor strive to look like someone else. Be realistic with your goals. You should focus on becoming a better version of YOU. #Fit4Me #GetFitWithDrSheba


Meet Dr. Sheba

Dr. Sheba was always interested in the health field and had a passion for helping people. She continued her education at Drexel University and then Columbia University to pursue her Doctorate in Health Education.

She is also a certified Health Education Specialist and has over a decade of experience in public health and health education. Over the years, she has worked in public health research, project management, program planning and as a health educator with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Drexel University, Columbia University, US Army Public Health Command and currently with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Research Scientist and Grand Canyon University as an Adjunct Professor.

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