How To Stay Fit in the Summer

Summer is in full swing! That means, BBQs, happy hours, parties and events, trips to the beach, ice cream and of course vacations! As a woman that is constantly on the go, especially during the summer months, I have to be very careful, and strategic, to make sure I do not un-do all the progress I have made with my weight loss goals.

First off, I always meal prep. This is key to staying on track when you’re on the go. Typically, if you’re out and about and you get hungry, you reach for something fast and convenient, and that is usually something unhealthy. However, if you prepare your meals and snacks ahead of time, you are less likely to buy fast food or go to a vending machine when you’re hungry. Secondly, I schedule my workouts as if they are important meetings that I cannot miss. Because they are!! If you schedule your workout to fit into your schedule, whether before work, during lunch or even in the evening, you are more likely to do it. Lastly, STAY HYDRATED! How much water are you drinking?? 4 glasses? 6 glasses? 8 glasses??? It is important to stay hydrated, especially during the summer. You should strive to drink at least 8 or more glasses of water which helps in digestion and weight loss.

When attending events…I try to follow certain guidelines when attending events, BBQs, happy hours, gatherings, parties, etc. I may not bring snacks to an event (although I am not opposed to it), but there are usually some healthy options to choose from. Try to choose fruit and vegetable dishes and stay away from fried foods and heavy dressings and sauces when possible. Regarding alcohol- stick to low calorie alcoholic beverages (note: these have less juice and more alcohol, so you do not need many drinks to get buzzed – meaning you’re also saving money!! J ) such as tonics or wines. Furthermore, specifically at BBQs, I stay away from any salads or dishes made with mayonnaise. These are typically high in fat and salt (and as a public health professional, I stay clear of any kind of mayonnaise dish that’s been sitting outside for too long). In addition, if you’re making healthy choices throughout the day, you can give yourself a treat! I’m a dessert person, so I’d rather have a salad at an event so I can have cake later on! It’s all about balance!! Lastly, always, drink lots of water and even tea before. NEVER go to an event too hungry- that increases your chances of making bad choices.

Remember, it is all about balance! Do I splurge sometimes? Eat cake? Dessert? Drink a daiquiri? Absolutely! I’m human! I just try not to overdo it and I always get right back on track. Consistency and a plan are key! If you follow these guidelines, this will help assure you do not pack on the pounds during the summer months. Enjoy your summer!

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