[megatron_heading title=”MEET DR. SHEBA” size=”size-md” sub_title=”Empowering You To Succeed” description=”Dr. Sheba was born and raised in New York City and attended Syracuse University and majored in Biology. She was always interested in the health field and had a passion for helping others achieve their goals. She continued her education at Drexel University to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, and then Columbia University to pursue her Doctorate in Health Education.She is also a certified Health Education Specialist and has over a decade of experience in public health and health education. Over the years, she has worked in public health research, project management, program planning and as a health educator with Mount” line_style=”line-double” text_align=”text-left” layout_style=”heading-line”]
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Sinai School of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, Drexel University, Columbia University, US Army Public Health Command and currently with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Research Scientist and Grand Canyon University as an Adjunct Professor.

Dr. Sheba is also a Certified Health Education Specialist and Health and Fitness Coach. She assists individuals, group and organizations improve their health and well-being by incorporating simple fitness and nutrition strategies into their everyday lives.

Dr. Sheba is passionate about her family and friends. She loves to travel and has visited over 45 different countries in the last 7 years. She loves to learn about other cultures, meet new people and see new places. Above all else, she loves to give back, help others and assist people in accomplishing their goals.

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