Strive for progress, not perfection

Have you ever been unsatisfied or disappointed with your fitness goals? Have you ever hit a plateau? Feel like you are not making any progress? Have you ever gained too much weight while traveling (oh wait, that’s me! Lol) or just juggling responsibilities in your everyday life?

I thought this would be the perfect time to re-launch my blog. A time where I feel like I have let myself down, a time where I am unhappy with my results and my progress, a time where I have come to the realization that I need to get my sh!t together! We have all been there before – that season of feeling like nothing is not working out the way you planned or expected it to.


What happened Dr. Sheba? I fell off… and have been unhappy with my own progress. I’ve gained weight in the past few months and I am having a difficult time losing it. It’s not rocket science, I know what the issue is. My workouts are consistently intense; that’s the easy part for me. However, my diet has not been consistent.

Have you ever felt this way? Beating yourself up for set back? Feeling frustrated, sad, and ashamed. Yea…me too. But we’re HUMAN! It happens!

I can give a million excuses (traveling, too busy to meal prep, traveling, summer parties, events, oh and MORE TRAVELNG lol).  Within the last few months I’ve traveled to Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, St. Kitts, Florida, DR, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Alabama, Ireland and Seattle see pics here while still balancing an active work life and family responsibilities. Don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE traveling. I’m not complaining nor do I plan on slowing down . I just need to stay on a plan that’s conducive to my lifestyle and the different hats I wear (just like so many of you out there).

Either way, I’ve been making poor choices, consuming more than I’m burning off, and stress leads me to binge . (I will dedicate an entire blog post to binge eating!) Binge rating is a common problem among women, more common than many think. We eat when we’re happy, sad, stressed, celebrating, or anything in between. After a binge, we feel upset and disappointed with ourselves… which makes it harder to get back to a stable emotional state and back on track.

So I stopped posting on my social media pages for a while, I stopped running challenge groups … I felt like I couldn’t lead fitness challenges and coach others if I wasn’t at my “best.” But what is my best? No matter what size I am, I will continue to work hard to stay healthy and encourage and motivate others to live the healthiest life they can. I am human, we all fall off or have set backs at some point. That’s what makes us real. That’s reality, that’s life; we all struggle. This is why I love my team of amazing fit women and coaches. One of my fit sisters said, I have to stop being so hard on myself. She also said that my followers and clients would appreciate my transparency and struggle! How can people follow and join someone if they haven’t even experienced similar struggles! That’s how we relate to each other! Don’t be fooled by these Instagram fit chicks. You seriously never cheat? You never struggle? You don’t like pizza and French fries? ARE YOU A ROBOT?!?! It’s nauseating sometimes. But unfortunately, sometimes we measure our worth by other people. DO. NOT. DO. THAT. You are beautiful just the way you are. Striving to be a better version of myself is the goal. Striving for progress, not perfection.

One thing that has helped me stay on track is my fitness support group. A group of motivated women all leading healthy lives and encouraging others to do the same. There is nothing stronger than a motivated group of women! Together, we can do so much!

I originally started this blog to try to “put myself out there” and “get out of my comfort zone.” (too many of my loved ones have been telling me I need to do this lol). But transparency is important. Why would anyone want to join you if you’re not open with them? Well this is me, a girl who loves to work out, but equally loves french fries and wine when I’m bonding with my girlfriends. I make a banging kale salad, but am addicted to cookies and cake. I am thick… fit… or fitish… I am THICKFITISH! When you’re fluffy, but strong; when you love carrots and quinoa as much as you love popcorn and pizza! Okay, okay, you get the gist. Welcome to my world. This is what my blog will be dedicated to. To you. Strong women of all sizes. I came up with “Fit 4Me” to remind myself, and all of you, that we can and must live our best and healthiest life. DO it for yourself, because you deserve it, because you are worth it.

Now…It’s time to kick it back into high gear… and I’m asking you to join me in my new fitness challenge. Be a part of my journey, as I help you with yours. Because together, we can achieve anything.

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One thought on “Strive for progress, not perfection

  1. Carole says:

    Hi Sheba, I love the transparency and the request to take the challenge. I also like the motto Progress not perfection. Fit4me is already a great success, You see it!

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